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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist.

Published time: July 18, 2014 10:06

Published time: July 18, 2014 10:06

A journalist takes photographs at the site of Thursday's Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash near the settlement of Grabovo, in the Donetsk region July 18, 2014 (Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev)
Put yourself in the position of a certain passenger boarding the Malaysian Airlines flight at Amsterdam for the twelve hour trip to Kuala Lumpur on Thursday morning.
Given a previous Malaysian flight's mysterious disappearance it's likely he was not the only boarding passenger who was a little nervous when he joked on social media, "If we disappear, this is what the plane looks like."
Settling down on the flight then watching the moving map display on the seat in front, you might perhaps see the word 'Ukraine' edge its way across from the right of the screen. Would you not be a little uneasy in the knowledge that quite a lot of planes have been blown out of the skies there recently? That there's a war on?
Check out David Cenciotti's 'Aviationist' blog and you’ll see that 10 aircraft have been shot down in eastern Ukraine in recent weeks. 

Five MI-24 Hind and two MI-8 Hip helicopters, as well as military transport planes, one AN-2 and an AN-30. On July 8, the latest transporter, an Il-76 was shot down at Lugansk when the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine closed their airspace indefinitely to civilian aircraft. 

But why did the air traffic control regulators keep directing planes over eastern Ukrainian territory at higher altitudes?
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but on any of hundreds of flights over Ukraine in the past month I might even have been tempted to tug the sleeve of one of the cabin staff. Asking them brusquely to get reassurance from the captain straight away that we would not be passing through the very airspace where so many planes had so recently been brought down.

So what was the plane doing there?

Malaysian Airlines was quick to point out that the Ukraine war zone had been declared 'safe' for them to fly over by the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

Was this the same authority that was party to closing Europe and the North Atlantic for almost a week for Eyjafjallaj√∂kull's ‘volcanic ash cloud’ drifting out of Iceland? Canceling the flights of around 10 million passengers? Yet they fail to close a war zone where they know ground-to-air missiles are flying around?
I do hope ICAO regional director Luis Fonseca de Almeida will apologize in person to all the victims’ families before he resigns and hands himself in for questioning. Of course, this is not the only arm of the UN and other parts of global governance to be failing, crippled, and where the people appointed to run it seem to be pliable stooges rather than independent-minded enough to be up to the job? 

Let's hope too that the Malaysian authorities will heed the voices in their professions warning against relying too much on help from international bodies which may be used against them.
As for who's responsible, it’s unlikely the shooting down was a random ‘pot shot’ by Ukrainian separatists who would have nothing to gain and only further isolate themselves by such an act

There are also doubts as to whether they have access to this sort of weapon system, more advanced than any that appears to have been used so far. Which is presumably why ICAO and Malaysian Airlines thought 30,000-foot high airliners were safe from shoulder-launched missiles.
Appearing on BBC TV’s Newsnight, weapon systems expert Doug Richardson said the relatively high altitude airliners fly at offers “no protection” from what he believes was probably a former Soviet ‘Buk’ missile, developed in the 1970s, that did the dirty deed.

Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev

Shot across bows of Russian presidential jet?

 Then there is the proximity of the MH17 shoot-down to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, who happened to be flying home, west to east, from Brazil. Russia's equivalent to Air Force One, the Ilyushin-96 'Board One' was roughly half-an-hour's flying time, about 200 miles (320km), behind the Malaysian plane as it passed near Warsaw just before the doomed jet entered Ukrainian airspace, which the presidential jet avoided.
As the Western powers' anti-Russian sanctions are failing to bite and the Kiev government they back is losing on the ground, this may indicate a NATO motive for the attack. If so this sort of audacious act may also be an early test of loyalties by the West's power elite of Britain’s new Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Defense Secretary Michael Fallon. The message being, “Watch that you don't get any troublesome ideas of making your own minds up on the matter.”
The timing of the attack is intriguing too, being the day after a historic agreement Putin signed, along with Chinese president Xi Jinping, in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza to create a BRICS World Development Bank. Quite possibly the greatest challenge since Bretton Woods in 1944, to the dubious monopoly of the World Bank, was indeed signed on Wednesday by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
For those that muse on the obsessive nature of those that spend their lives pursuing ever more money until the day they die, there is a shocking recent history of nations and their leaders coming to a sticky end that dare to oppose the global monopoly of the petrodollar, and that of the enforcers at the World Bank and IMF.
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein didn't know what fate lay ahead when he announced in November 2000 that he was taking the first steps toward setting up a bourse, or oil exchange, which traded in euro rather than dollars. Two-and-a-half years later, weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist had been 'found' in his country and the bombs were raining down, Saddam and his fellow countrymen was illegally invaded under orders from Messrs. Bush and Blair and the nation plunged into the sort of chaotic hell which is now spreading like a plague around the Middle East and from which one wonders if it will ever emerge.
Similarly when debt-free Libya's Colonel Gaddafi and his shuttle diplomacy had secured agreement from enough African leaders to announce the creation of an African reserve currency, the African gold dinar, he found his country up in front of the United Nations Security Council on a fabricated charge of'bombing his own people'. On May 1, 2011, the weekend of William & Kate's royal wedding in London, one of Gaddafi's sons and three of his grandsons were blown to pieces in an airstrike and NATO began to bomb the country - blessed with the lowest infant mortality rate on the African continent - back to the Stone Age.
Although no ground troops were allowed by the UN, mercenaries were sent in, and on October 21, Gaddafi was finally executed with a bayonet up his backside. National governments in the West these days really do seem to have become an irrelevant side show when the power of the military dances to the tune of the unrestrained mega-resourced muscle of the IMF and its friends.

Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev

Why Malaysian Airlines?

'To lose one plane may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness.' Though it might seem trite to borrow from Oscar Wilde’s 'Importance of Being Earnest', is it really pure coincidence that both this and the March ‘disappearance’ of MH370 have been with unfortunate Malaysian jets? Neither appears to have been an ‘accident’, so could both be acts of aggression, acts of war against Malaysia? If so why, and by whom?
Malaysia is a genuinely independent nation torn between East and West. Like Ukraine and so many other medium-sized independent countries, Malaysia is finding it very difficult to stay independent. As the world inches towards what many believe may become an enormous world war, brought on by the collapse of capitalism, it is becoming increasingly impossible for small and medium-sized nations to remain independent. So yes, there is likely to be pressure on the Malaysian leadership to make alliances and this, perhaps, could simply be an attempt to intimidate, to force their hand.
It’s comforting to repeat that nobody wants an economic collapse and nobody wants a world war, but it wouldn't be the first time that ruling elites have deployed these two chestnuts as a 'double whammy'. Making a fortune out of a crash is easy when you can see it coming and, as well as being an archaic'human sacrifice' to the old gods, war is the best way to distract everybody who might be thinking of locking you up. For anyone who dares to look, the evidence is there that the US decided to step up the projection of their already ruinous military power at the time of the 9/11 attacks, probably as a reaction to the waning power of the dollar.
As Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, part of Iraq Veterans Against the War and of the US chapter of Veterans For Peace, said when interviewed for Venezuelan State Television, “There are no rules, this is World War III. The rule book went out the window on September 11th.[2001].”
As a regular attendee at US Marine Corps intelligence briefings Jimmy was in a position to know rather more than the West’s public, media or politicians do about how far down the mission line covert policies of the White House and Pentagon have crept.
And here's the rub. Malaysia are one of the world's feircest opponents of the phoney 'war on terror', former Malaysian Federal Court judge Abdul Kadir Sulaiman even convening a tribunal in 2011 to try Bush and Blair for war crimes. Endorsed by former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad the tribunal found: “Unlawful use of force threatens the world to return to a state of lawlessness. The acts of the accused were unlawful.” Malaysia has done what the UN and The Hague's International Criminal Court dare not.
European and North American countries have realized too late in the day that only by keeping stiff exchange controls can they stay sovereign nations. Without them international finance capital will move in with infinite resources to destroy everything that stands in its way, from media to parliaments, nothing can withstand them. Even the courts now are finally about to be co-opted into the service of the tax evading transnational corporations should the secretly-negotiated Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) be signed later this year.
The courts will then be theirs to overturn any parliamentary decision the corporations don’t like, and they have been saving up lots and lots of cash to pay the very best lawyers in the world, to make sure they win.

The site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash is seen in the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region, July 17, 2014. (Reuters / Maxim Zmeyev)

No shortage of people who’ll shoot down an airliner for you

With the privatization of war in the West, points out UK charity War On Want, “repeated human rights abuses” are being “perpetrated by mercenaries, including the indiscriminate killing of civilians and torture. Unaccountable and unregulated, these companies are complicit in human rights abuses across the world, putting profit before people and fanning the flames of war.”
So if you want somebody to fight a nuclear war, conduct a massacre, or shoot down an airliner for you nowadays you can buy those services on the free market. The proliferation of private military companies since 9/11 suits the military industrial complex very nicely, thank you.
But how has the world come to the point where such companies have state protection and business is, quite literally, booming?
The problem again, is the global banking giants who have been shown in court, time and time again, to be hand in glove with the intelligence services and international drug cartels. Whether it’s Iran Contra with drugs flying one way and guns the other, or HSBC’s piffling $2 billion fine in 2012 for money laundering, they are not just criminals who are above the law, they are now shaping it in their own private interest.
It is not just the Asian, Pacific and South American power blocs they seek to control who will be watching them, but their own people, those they depend on to survive. With every evil act they think they’ve got away with, they are painting themselves into a corner as the Trans-Atlantic edifice they are trying to control crumbles beneath them.


his is adapted from Middle East sources. My comments follow. 

While Israel is pounding Gaza, one Muslim terror organization isn’t rushing to threaten Israel. This comes from the organization known as ISIS, but which now calls itself the Islamic State under the leadership of the self proclaimed Khalifah Abu Bakar Baghdadi.

Khalifah Abu Bakar Baghdadi : We will not attack Israel

In response to questions that appeared on several Internet sites as to why the Islamic State wasn’t fighting Israel instead of killing Muslims in Iraq and Syria, the organization responded on its Twitter account: 
We have not given orders to kill the Israelis and the Jews. The war against the nearer enemy, those who rebel against the faith, is more important. Allah commands us in the Koran to fight the hypocrites, because they are much more dangerous than those who are fundamentally heretics.” 
As proof, the organization cited the first caliph, Abu Bakr, who began by fighting those who rebelled against the faith, as well as Saladin, who fought the Shi’ites in Egypt before conquering Jerusalem.

The Khalifah's target contains a long list of Arab leaders – the Saudi and Jordanian kings, the prime minister of Iraq, the president of Egypt and the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood – before it gets to the Jews and Israel.

Meanwhile, the organization is forging alliances with tribal leaders in Syria and Iraq, in order to increase its power. In Syria, for instance, it has offered tribal leaders in Deir al-Zour a share of the income generated by the oil fields it conquered in that region. 
In Iraq, a well-attended ceremony recently took place at which dozens of tribal leaders swore loyalty oaths to the head of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In exchange, they will enjoy his “protection” as well as a slice of the profits – which, in this case, aren’t small. 
According to Iraqi media reports, the organization’s takeover of banks in Mosul netted it more than $1.5 billion.

To strengthen its ties with the Iraqi tribes, Baghdadi married Suja Hamid al-Dulaimi, a member of one of the strongest tribes in western Iraq. 
Nevertheless, it seems that even marrying into the Dulaimi tribe won’t guarantee the Islamic State security and quiet. Last week, violent clashes erupted between the organization’s members and Sunni tribesmen in Iraq’s Diyala province, with 10 of the former killed.

True, there is great fear of the armed men with the thick beards and black flags. Many young people in Mosul and other Iraqi cities are rushing to centers that return people to religion, to obtain certificates that they have done so, to avoid being hurt. 
In exchange, they receive a signed certificate saying they have repented and returned to religion. Some are even recruited into the ranks of the organization’s fighters, which earns them a salary of $2,000-$3,000 a month, depending on their job.

There are many horror stories about acts committed by Islamic State members in Mosul and other cities – such as the flogging of young men who watched the World Cup, the execution of hundreds of Shi’ite civilians, attacks on people walking down the street for no apparent reason, and the looting of houses, especially those belonging to Christians.

My comments : The Khalifah has over USD1.5 Billion, he has married a new wife and he does not wish to attack Israel.  The guy is much cleverer than I thought.

Tuan-tuan do listen carefully. This is what I keep saying. This has nothing to do with us.  Jangan pula kita nak masuk campur hal depa.  Some people here are ready to join the ISIL and "berjihad" for entah apa.

Looking at many of your comments a lot of people are confused about what happened in recent history between the British, the Jews, the Arabs and other people. We cannot deny that.

But what is happening now has deviated plenty from that recent history. The British did not create the sunnis and the shiahs.  The Khalifah guy says the Arab-Israeli problem is not top priority for him. His top priority is the sunni-shiah matter. That goes back longer, about a 1000 years.

He says he wants to fight the shiahs like Saladin did 800 years ago. Well after 800 years and despite Saladin the shiahs are still around. They now control three countries Iran, Iraq and Syria and possibly about 25% of the world's oil production.

So this means this Khalifah guy's fight is not going to be over tomorrow. Or even in another 800 years. I think he knows this too. I am sure the Jews are relieved to hear that. He is not going to attack Israel until then.

I am not saying that anyone should go and attack Israel. Or Syria, Iraq or Gaza. What I am saying is that their politics and their struggles are not all the same.  One thing is for certain - their politics of violence and war has not changed.  The Arabs have been consistent about that.

My concern is that do not let other peoples politics and other peoples fights divide you and your family or friends here in Malaysia. Kita tak ada kena mengena dengan pergaduhan dan peperangan mereka ini.

We have our own issues to take care of. We do not need to import alien and often quite insane politics to disrupt our peaceful way of life.

Ways To Destroy A Nation

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Ways to destroy a nation;

1. Cut their strength in half (by encouraging) their womenfolk to stay at home, limit their education, ask them to wear clothing which will limit their movements. 
  • Psychologically they will feel inferior to the men. 
  • Make them believe that they are the main reason their men sin 
  • and that there are more women in hell then men 
  • Send the men to fight crusades
  • when they die, their ignorant women (single mothers, uneducated and poorer) 
  • will raise their daughters and sons
  • and the cycle (of poverty and ignorance) will continue. 
  • Encourage their men to marry more wives
  • so the rate of uneducated children will grow exponentially 
  • Tell the men that God will take care of their family
  • this will remove any sense of responsibility from them
2. Limit their education. 
  • Encourage them to learn a language in which knowledge is limited (Arabic)
  • Make it a heavenly language, only spoken in heaven
  • Encourage false edicts, which will limit their full god given potential. 
  • This will prevent them from learning knowledge 
  • from other nations with different languages
3. Limit their potential
  • by telling them that what they have on earth, has already been fated for them 
  • and that to change it, is a sin, because they are challenging God
  • this will make them lazy. 
  • Tell them instead of finding solutions, they should pray for a solution 
  • and keep on praying until they receive a solution. 
  • Hopefully by then it will be to late.
4. Limit their influence
  • make them feel special and different from others 
  • They will look down on others and they will not mix around. 
  • History has shown, the greatest way of spreading an influence is 
  • by mixing with other nations. 
  • Make their life difficult with strange edicts and laws
  • this will also make other foreign nations not want to be like them.
5. Every nation has a respected religious person with a uniform
  • ensure our agents will have the perfect religious uniform
  • so that they will get respect
  • this will allow them to carry out steps 1 to 4 easily.
6. Create disunity
  • this is easy, our various agents will preach different religious theories
  • so that different groups will emerge
  • and hopefully will fight each other
  • Leaving step 1 to go smoothly.
7. Make them believe that there is no point working hard in this "life" and that
  • the afterlife is much more better. 
  • Some one praying 24 hours (in mosques, monastaries, temples etc..) 
  • is so much better than 
  • some one working creating new technology, knowledge, helping others etc.
8.Make them believe that God thinks and acts like normal human beings. 
  • (The christians already believe he made humans in his image) 
  • That God can be angry, jealous, vengeful etc. 
  • This will make them do things which any sane men or women will not do
  • Sacrifice a child for God, as an example. 
  • If God is all knowing, why does he test humans, shouldnt he know what is going to happen?
9. Lastly make them believe the end is near
  • people will stop working, living, and creating 
  • if they think the world is going to end soon.
  • Above are some of the methods to destroy a nation. 
  • If done correctly, in one generation, a lot of potential can be destroyed.

Sejagat Raya

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Pingat Kebesaran Johor

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ISA Mengikut Islam

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AKDN merupakan undang-undang pencegahan. Dalam Islam, mencegah sesuatu kemudaratan daripada berlaku merupakan tanggungjawab pemerintah. Pemerintah perlu bertindak atas dasar memelihara maslahat (kepentingan) ummah. Dalam kaedah fiqh disebut tasorruful imam ala ar-ra’ieyat manutun bil maslahah. Ia bermakna setiap tindakan atau dasar yang diputuskan oleh pemerintah mesti diasaskan bagi menjaga kepentingan rakyat.

Dalam menentukan kepentingan ini, pemerintah melihat kepada kepentingan hak majoriti rakyat yang perlu diberi keutamaan berbanding hak asasi seorang atau sekelompok rakyat. Ini bermakna, undang-undang pencegahan memang menjadi tanggungjawab pemerintah dan ia selari dengan tuntutan Islam.

Yang selalu dipertikaikan adalah tahanan tanpa bicara. Kita mempunyai pelbagai undang-undang yang boleh digunakan untuk mendakwa seseorang seperti Akta Hasutan 1948dan Kanun Keseksaan. Kerajaan pun sudah mengambil pendirian mengkaji semula AKDN supaya tahanan tanpa bicara itu dilakukan dengan lebih teliti. Ini supaya tidak ada ruang berlaku salah guna kuasa.

(Sistem Politik Islam)

Undang-undang bersumberkan Al-Quran dan Sunnah yang tidak bertentangan dengan ketetapan dan maksud umum Syariah adalah sah di sisi Islam.

Siasah Syariah menurut IBNU AQIL:

“Siasah Syariah ialah apa-apa tindakan yang membawa manusia kepada kebaikan dan menjauhkan mereka daripada keburukan walau pun ia tidak ditetapkan oleh Rasulullah S.A.W dan tidak terdapat dalam wahyu yang diturunkan”.

Siasah Syariah menurut IBNU NAJM:
“Siasah syariah ialah sesuatu tindakan yang diambil oleh pemerintah menurut pandangannya boleh menjaga kepentingan umum walau pun tidak terdapat dalil yang khusus mengenainya”.

Daripada takrif-takrif di atas dapat difahami bahawa di bawah prinsip Siasah Syariah ini, pemerintah mempunyai kuasa yang luas dalam menguatkuasakan apa-apa peraturan serta larangan untuk menjaga kepentingan umum. Ia mestilah berasaskan kepada pandangan dan penilaian pemerintah sendiri, sepertimana yang ditekankan oleh Ibnu Najm dalam takrifnya “Limaslahatin yaraha” (kerana sesuatu kepentingan umum mengikut pandangannya).

Sad Az Zara’ie?

Prinsip ini diterima oleh semua imam mazhab seperti yang dijelaskan oleh Syeikh Mahmud Abu Zaharah dalam Kitabnya “Usul Fiqh”:

“Ini adalah satu daripada prinsip-prinsip yang disebut di dalam kitab-kitab mazhab Maliki dan Hambali. Manakala kitab-kitab yang lain tidak menyebutnya dengan mengunakan tajuk seperti ini, namun isi kandungan yang dibincangkan dalam bab ini diterima dalam fekah Hanafi dan Syafi’ie sekalipun terdapat perbezaan pendapat dalam bahagian-bahagian tertentu dan persetujuan dalam bahagian-bahagian yang lain”.

Syeikh Mutawalli Hammadah mentakrifkan “Sad Az Zara’ie” sebagai:

“Menghalang sebarang wasilah atau punca yang membawa kepada perbuatan yang haram dan memberikan hukum haram kepada jalan-jalan yang membawa kepada perbuatan tersebut”.

Syeikh Mustafa Az Zarqa’ menjelaskan :

“Sesungguhnya para fuqaha’ berpendapat bahawa perintah sultan (pemerintah) wajib di sisi syarak diterima dan dilaksanakan, sekalipun ia menyempitkan tafsiran bagi perkataan yang luas sifat liputannya atau menerima pendapat yang tidak kuat dalam masalah-masalah hukum

di mana para ulamak berbeza pendapat mengenainya. Selama mana perintah tersebut berasaskan kepada kepentingan umum dan keputusannya terpulang kepada ijtihad pemerintah sendiri. Ini sesuai dengan satu prinsip dalam usul fiqh yang dikenali dengan “Al Masalih Al Murssalah”.

Dalam perkara-perkara yang tidak jelas faedahnya juga, keputusan pemerintah wajib ditaati.

Imam Al Kasani menjelaskan:

“Jika sesuatu perintah yang dikeluarkan oleh Ketua Negara itu tidak diketahui orang ramai sama ada berfaedah atau tidak, maka wajib bagi mereka mematuhinya jika tidak diketahui dengan jelas, bahawa yang diperintahkan itu adalah suatu perbuatan maksiat. Ini kerana mematuhi Ketua Negara dalam perkara-perkara yang diputuskan melalui ijtihad adalah wajib”.

Pemerintah mempunyai hak untuk mengenakan larangan terhadap perkara-perkara yang harus demi menjaga maslahat dan kepentingan umum. Apabila larangan dilaksanakan, maka wajib ke atas umat mentaatinya dan haram bagi mereka mengingkarinya.

As Syeikh Khalid bin Al Anbari menyatakan:

“Wajib taat kepada pemerintah Islam apabila ia menghadkan penggunaan perkara yang harus, yang mana pada pandangannya larangan tersebut dilaksanakan demi kepentingan umum. Saiyidina Umar R.A. pernah mengeluarkan larangan terhadap para sahabat yang utama supaya tidak meninggalkan Madinah. Demikian juga Saiyidina Uthman R.A. pernah memerintahkan Abu Zar supaya keluar dari negeri Syam dan menetap di Madinah”.


Bantahan yang dilancarkan oleh sesetengah pihak terhadap akta ini atas nama Islam adalah hasil dari kegagalan mereka dalam memahami perbezaan dan fungsi antara dua kuasa iaitu kuasa eksekutif (As Sultah At Tanfiziah) dan kuasa perundangan (As Sultah Al Qada’iah).

Kedua bidang ini mempunyai bidang kuasa dan pendekatan yang berbeza dalam menjalankan fungsi masing-masing disebabkan peranan dan tanggungjawab yang berbeza.

Para ulamak yang membicarakan mengenai sistem politik Islam atau “As Siasah As Syariah” telah menghuraikan peranan serta bidang kuasa Ketua Negara dalam menjalankan tugasnya.

Imam Al Qarafi menyatakan:

“Pemerintah adalah orang yang diserahkan kepadanya mentadbir seluruh urusan rakyat, menjaga kepentingan umum dan membenteras segala yang merosakkan, mengekang penjenayah, membunuh penderhaka dan menguruskan penempatan rakyat dalam negara dan perkara-perkara lain yang seumpamanya”.

Daripada huraian di atas dapat disimpulkan bahawa tanggungjawab pemerintah dalam Islam begitu besar. Bagi melaksanakan tanggungjawab yang besar ini, Ketua Negara sudah tentu mempunyai bidang kuasa yang diperlukan tanpa diikat oleh prosedur-prosedur ketat seperti di dalam bidang kehakiman.

Antara bidang kuasa yang menjadi tanggungjawab Ketua Negara ialah kuasa hisbah.

Imam al-Mawardi menyatakan bahawa hisbah adalah menyeru kepada makruf (kebaikan), mencegah daripada perbuatan mungkar (keburukan) dan mendamaikan antara manusia.

Mengikut para ilmuan moden, hisbah merupakan satu peraturan daripada beberapa peraturan Islam. Sebagai contohnya, dalam konteks hisbah ini satu badan pengawasan khas diwujudkan oleh pemerintah untuk menjalankan peranan bagi mengawasi dan memeriksa semua keperluan manusia seperti perdagangan, jalanraya, makanan, ubat-ubatan dan sebagainya. Tujuannya adalah untuk mengekalkan keadilan dan kemuliaan bersesuaian dengan tuntutan syariat dan keperluan masyarakat setempat.

Ibnu Al Qayyim menjelaskan kuasa hisbah ini melalui kitabnya “At Thuruk Al Hukmiyah”:

“Dan maksud hukum-hukum yang dijalankan di bawah kuasa hisbah adalah merupakan hukum-hukum syarak. Hukum-hukum tersebut mempunyai kaedah-kaedah perlaksanaan di sisi syarak. Kepentingan umat mungkin tidak dapat dijaga dengan sempurna tanpanya. Perlaksanaan seperti ini tidak memerlukan pendakwa dan orang yang didakwa. Jika prosedur sedemikian diikuti, maka kepentingan umat akan musnah dan sistem pemerintahan akan menjadi kucar-kacir. Pihak berkuasa boleh menjalankan kuasa ini berasaskan petanda-petanda dan alamat-alamat yang jelas serta bukti-bukti (karinah-karinah) yang boleh dijadikan keterangan”.


Di bawah kuasa ini, pemerintahan dalam Islam boleh menahan seseorang tanpa bicara atas sebab kepentingan umum dan keselamatan negara.

Dr. Saud bin Said Ad Duraib dalam kitabnya”At Tanzim Al Qada’Fi Al Mamlakah As Saudiyyah” menghuraikan persoalan ini:

“Seseorang ketua negara dengan kuasa eksekutif boleh mengeluarkan perintah membekukan harta atau membelanjakannya. Ia juga boleh mengasingkan (memenjara atau memencilkan) orang yang boleh menimbulkan kekeliruan terhadap masyarakat seperti yang dilakukan oleh Saiyidina Umar R.A. terhadap Sobiq bin Asal kerana usahanya mengelirukan orang ramai tentang Al-Quran. Pemerintah juga boleh menahan dan membuang daerah sesiapa yang pada pandangannya boleh memudaratkan masyarakat”.

Terdapat hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Muslim yang bermaksud:

“Akan wujud keadaan kacau bilau di kalangan umat, maka barang siapa yang ingin memecah belahkan perpaduan umat yang bersatu, hendaklah ia dipancung dengan pedang tanpa mengira siapakah orangnya”.

Imam Nawawi ketika menghuraikan hadis di atas mengatakan: “maknanya” ialah jika tidak dapat ditolak perbuatan tersebut melainkan dengan cara yang sedemikian (bunuh). “Sahih Muslim Bisyarh An Nawawi”.